The Philippines Adopts a School 2016 project

In celebration of the 118th Philippine Independence Day and the 70th Anniversary of the establishment of PH-AU diplomatic relations this year, I have been requested by the Embassy to secure the commitment of at least one FilCom organization to spearhead “The Philippines Adopts a School 2016 project”, preferably in June or July this year.

This project aims to increase awareness of the Philippines in Australia, especially the historic and steadfast friendship between the two countries and the close people-to-people links which date back to the 1890s. The highlights of the proposed project include:

  • FilCom to coordinate with schools, preferably where there are Filipino students whose parents are willing to volunteer and assist, to allow them to undertake the project with the schoolchildren;
  • The event may include:
    • A powerpoint presentation on PH;
    • Filipino dance performances;
    • Demonstration of native Filipino games;
    • Display of costumes and accessories;
    • Display of handicrafts;
    • Trivia; and
    • Sharing of Filipino recipes and delicacies (with clear food labels), among others.
  • The Embassy will prepare the powerpoint presentation and a manual on the conduct of the project, including reference materials on Filipino dances, games and recipes.
  • The event will culminate with an on-the-spot drawing contest on “My Impressions of the Philippines;” and the Embassy will issue a Certificate of Appreciation to the FilCom organizations who actively participate.
  • The Consulate will supervise the conduct of the event to ensure that appropriate standards are observed and report the outcome of the project, including photos taken during the event.


– Felix Pintado, Consul, a.h.

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